Sailing On The Startup India Wave – Akshay Ahuja Is Doing His Bit To Evolve Chandigarh’s Startup Ecosystem

Job seekers can be job creators, and for that you don’t need any financial investment, but a brilliant idea. If you have that one idea, it can do wonders for you, and can make your entrepreneurial journey a smooth sail. To help entrepreneurs make the smooth transition – RoboChamps organized Entrepreneurship Vibes recently in “the city beautiful” – Chandigarh.

Its founder, Akshay Ahuja has been involved with the startup ecosystem in Chandigarh for a while now. At 19 he started RoboChamps and for the last four years has been trying to make practical education a reality for students across the country. Their reach among students is more than any other robotics academy in the country. Till date, they have conducted workshops in over 500 schools.

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