Robotics Club


Our Robotics Club program introduces practical education to a theoretical framework. With this approach, students are able to better understand topics like Engineering, Mathematics, Science and Technology.

In an education system that is largely unidirectional and placid, our programs provide the much needed structure.

Robotics Lab


Our Robotics Labs consists of an in-house set of courses as well as tools for schools. We seamlessly integrate Robotics with the school’s curriculum and existing lab facilities. At REW, we believe that a child’s scientific temperament starts building from an early age. To able to fully realize his potential, we introduce school kids to hands on practice through the world of Robotics. Not only does the child become a better student, but a better researcher and innovator.


Our Robotics Lab Provide:

  • Programmable & Non-Programmable Robotics Kits
  • Instruments – Soldering machines, glue-guns etc.
  • Expert Faculty

Robotics Academies