Journey “RoboChamps” – Part -1


At a young age of 23, Akshay Ahuja is on a mission to revolutionize the Indian Education system.

Entrepreneurs today have a huge number of reasons driving them. Some are motivated by money and some by fame. However, there are a few like Akshay Ahuja whose only motivation is bringing about a change in the lives of children. Having started RoboChamps at the age of 19, Ahuja has been working relentlessly for the past 4 years to make practical education a reality for students of the country. His company, RoboChamps has been bringing about a change in the education sector by introducing ‘Hands-On Practice’. This new teaching methodology allows students to understand science, mathematics and technology using Robotics. Students perform individual projects using tools of Robotics to understand these concepts. Ahuja believes that after the inclusion of white boards and smart classes, ‘Hands on Practice’ is the next big change in education. “Rather than simply listening to a teacher explain the topics of science and mathematics, students can see for themselves how these concepts work in real life.” He believes that with the help of Robotics, students become more innovative and develop a curiosity to learn more.

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