Build Your Bot- India’s largest Robotics event

2017 will witness a first of its kind event, when more than 20,000 children will gather to create a ‘Guiness Book of World Record’. The participants will share the stage to create a ‘Line Following Robot’, a feat that has never been achieved before.

The event is a part of our endeavor to revolutionize the Indian education system, which is in dire need of adopting hands on practice as teaching methodology. With the help of this event, thousands of students will adopt a more practical approach to education, rather than relying on theoretical knowledge alone.

At Robochamps, we understand the importance of giving back to the community. Staying true to that value, considerable number of underprivileged children will be made a part of the BYB event.  They will be provided training and other related services for free.

Levels of BYB

Alpha Level

The initial level of Build Your Bot introduces students to the basics of Robotics. In this 3 hour workshop, students learn a more practical approach to science through carefully designed assignments. They learn to connect scientific concepts to their surroundings through hands on practice.
Venue: School campus
When: To be announced by schools
No of days: 2
Duration: Three hours per day

Beta Level

Those who successfully complete the Alpha level go on to compete at the Beta Level. In this phase, a city level competition will be organized where kids will compete to go ahead to omega level.
Prizes: 1st Prize - 1 Lakh
2nd Prize - 50 Thousand
3rd Prize - 25 Thousand
Venue: RoboChamps Center
Date: 29th June, 2017
Duration: 1 day

Omega Level

The final level will take place in grand fashion at the BYB event. Using Amega 8C, the selected participants will create their own line following robot. The participants will employ everything they have learnt in the previous levels, making the robot in a limited time.
Venue: Panchkula
When:31st July
Duration: 1 day

Build Your Bot- India’s largest Robotics event

15,000 kids sharing the stage to create history in Robotics. BYB is all set to become a record breaker in the field of Robotics.

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